African Nouveau

From all my interactions in the past 3 months, it’s clear that the ecosystem around the pursuit of happiness is progressively changing. Social norms are quickly being eroded and that for many is liberation in itself. There’s a whole new crop of dreamers challenging archaic frameworks especially around career paths and what’s considered ‘acceptable’. Now, on the right side of history scribbling across my canvas, the youth remains the most monumental asset in orchestrating the future of our country and the stories we want to tell. Blind to the system, fresh eyes and fearless minds are championing change in style, art, film and music and that’s just a few of my favorite things. Needless to say, this year’s African Nouveau Festival was a must attend. The risk of FOMO was just too high. Continue reading “African Nouveau”


It’s been four months since I visited Lamu. Of course I need not add the prolix revelation that it’s equally been four months of procrastinating this post. Granted, there’s some things more important (less exciting) like adulting, thesis writing and finding my voice at my new job that’s had my attention, but it’s 2019. I need to style up! Phew – (If you’ve met my mum you can detect the sarcasm).

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Weaved out!

If this last week has taught me anything it’s that a)Kenya’s nightlife (predominantly made up of Uber drivers and guys too old to “shoki and dab”) is way too lit b)short A-line dresses aren’t necessarily the OOTD of choice on 28º days experiencing monsoon winds and c)weaves, I repeat, WEAVES are in no way considered a standard protective hairstyle for anyone other than commercial models paid to smile for 60 minutes and get it over with…Believe me! Continue reading “Weaved out!”

The Perfect Threesome.

It’s exactly a month since my whole world rotated into a completely parallel reality. Barrack is out and somewhere along the white sandy beaches unconcerned with his fan mail or Trump’s conga of controversies lined up in no chronological order behind him waking up the masses from a bad dream to an even worse reality. Continue reading “The Perfect Threesome.”