David Koma.

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Fashion Week has since passed and like that Migos anthem ‘Bad and Boujee’ that has continued to make up about a third of my random car karaoke sessions through traffic, David Koma’s Fall/Winter ready to wear collection that recently descended the runway has seemingly threatened (and easily succeeded) to be the latest earworm in my life.

John Paul Gaultier for Target.

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Luxury brand designers have over the years brought their savvy mastery of pattern drafting, dexterous hue combinations and impeccable taste in fabric samples next door through acclaimed retail stores to bring to the hoi polloi “affordable” makeshift pieces that drive people to almost delirium on open days all in a desperate effort to snug a sketchy stamp of hotshot personas just to brag and stroke your fashion ego that you’ve officially been branded.

Z is for…

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Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week saw rise to models of color strut down the runway almost exclusively courtesy of Posen among others. His bold move to incorporate diversity on the show that has over the years received strong criticism and backlash over alleged racism resonated deeply with me and that not only made Zac Posen’s collection one of my favorites but continued to affirm my life long dream.

The Olivier Rousteing.

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Because nothing screams demigod status than casually throwing in ‘the’ before uttering names worth remembering. Best known for his recent collaboration with retail powerhouse H&M that flocked streets with ranks and file of the #BalmainArmy, it’s no surprise that Olivier Rousteing was at the top of my list of favorites for 2015. In an industry that ironically requires validation, this millennial designer leaves his soul on each runway showcasing mind blowing ensembles curved to perfection as if to replicate his signature duckface selfies (possibly more famous than those of Mrs.West) that if you ask me are all sorts of legendary!

Naeem khan.

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Before I dive into a meticulous¬†3 piece paragraph about my lustful obsession with Naeem Khan’s silhouette, allow me to take a minute or two to wet your blanket…for those who’ve been anticipating the 3rd part of our Femme Fatale series I hate to do this but Marlene and I faced quite the challenge with the quality of the photos and being major perfectionists, we refuse to put up content we aren’t remotely proud of.

Paris Fashion Week 2015

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Let’s take a minute and put a couple of things into perspective!

Picture this…it’s 1 A.M, your first time experiencing the magic that is snow kiss your numb Edwardy face, you are wearing a perfectly tailored Valentino thigh high dress holding on to your prince charming in a bid to suck out the heat from his arteries gazing hopelessly at the Eiffel tower and he finally leans in and whispers…forever!

Did you feel that? Your heart stop momentarily?

Moi aussi!