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A descendant. A daughter. A queen. Titles handed to you and I simply because we hail from the land of milk and honey. Of fufu and chapati. Of countryside winds and city lights. Where our melanin radiates all the light we absorb. Where passion drives ambition and opportunities are self-perpetuating. Where sparkles fly over adroit hearts and stars illuminate from typical eyes. Where craftsmen engrave legendary masterpieces to the continent’s axis and melodic beats have the rest of the world feeling extra groovy.


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Literally ­čśÇ

On some level of oomph and zest, there seems to be a crinkly jiggle to the bounce on my step that only some pre-historic myth could quite possibly┬ásome up. Pinch me if you want but let’s be honest, there’s a twinkle of magic that happens when you are completely immersed in positive energy!

byob project – Launch.

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Why do we embrace diversity of everything else in the world except our own? When did different become wrong? When did we allow society to dictate what is beautiful and divide us on skinful lines? When did we let aesthetic appearance based purely on personal preferences affect how we perceive life? Perhaps this deranged perception that is now responsible for more suicides than terminal diseases is the reason why I simply can’t turn a blind eye to the subject in question.

Being in your 20’s

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Its been way too long since I’ve been on here I think I must be having a mini break down in between pondering over what exactly to post about and whether I can actually form grammatically correct sentences to curve out my anxiety…but hey…I guess there’s a certain amount of thrill in not knowing what to expect!!!

┬áI recently just turned 21 and my mama caught me completely off guard with some of the best surprises ever! Going down memory lane is never an easy en devour…so many emotions go with it…but I guess the best part is being able to look back at how far you’ve come, how much you’ve achieved and all that life right in front of you left to achieve your purpose and if that’s not enough, the fact that you are a gem and someone needs what you have to offer should do it!

Love life!

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I don’t know much about life but one thing’s for certain it’s short and darn!!! You’ve got to love it to enjoy it!

Growing up I’ve always known the importance of putting family first, making a deliberate effort to spend time with those that matter in order to build stronger relationships. So for that reason I find it funny how people go an extra mile trying to complicate the simple details in life, thinking money and extravagant lifestyles make you happy when in fact none of that really matter. Like I said, I don’t know much about life but in the few years of my existence I’ve managed to come up with short list that I call, ‘My happy ABCs‘.┬á

VMAs 2014.

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Honestly, this year’s red carpet caught me off guard. I mean from Katy Perry taking throwback to a whole new level to Amber Rose who I refuse to feature on my blog because I strongly believe that she left a lot of her fabric at home to Nicki Minaj whose clean look keeps me drooling at the screen because she is so darn pretty, I must say it was interesting….Never ┬áthought a day would come when I’d have to think so hard as to who my best dressed was. This one definitely took it home. No one really out did themselves which was a bit disappointing ┬ábut at least some managed to make up for their lost glory during their performances. If you watched the entire show then you can totally relate (: I’ll just go ahead and leave these here so you can be the judge…