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And after taking a break from any form of interaction on here, I can with much conviction say that I’m in a much better head space than I was a month ago, a couple of pounds heavier than I’d like to be and officially a degree holder – I’d say we need to celebrate but I’m afraid I’m back on the battlefield with these evil creatures called calories…can someone point me to where I can download a flat stomach? *YIKES*

I’ll take that coconut!

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I’m obsessive over a few things; sunglasses, tea, ice cream, purple lippie, good books and coconut oil!

When it comes to picking favorites I can almost guarantee you the triviality in perfection is almost acute. I’d like to sit here and reminisce on the night I drove 50km for a bottle of coconut oil and how my soul danced to Love and other Grum but my doctorate in illustration should come in handy. Here are 7 tips for using coconut and why your life will never be the same again.

Travel bag essentials.

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Currently going through about 6 panic attacks per minute!!!

Give me a date and a destination and I guarantee you; the only thing that will be processed by my brain is anything remotely associated with the word ‘travel’. They say money can’t buy you happiness but honestly daddy just bought me a first class ticket to Disneyland well not literally but Pwani is close enough no? :p 


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Let’s just take a minute to acknowledge that hair is an essential part of our beauty process…

Its been about 6 months since I took a drastic change by dyeing my tresses. I was so excited when doing it but a couple of months into it I literally cried myself to sleep because I just couldn’t deal with the rate at which my hair was breaking. It was weak and completely fragile and India I know you strongly believe I’m not my hair…but girl try losing 5 inches of hair and pretending you are okay with it!  


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The first time I came across this product was in high school and I was simply enchanted by its ability to moisturize and leave your lips feeling baby butt soft. Next thing I knew…I was super addicted. Perhaps the fact that it is a high organic product compared to others in the market appeals more to me. Also the fact that guys love it makes it all the more essential…Hi Biko 😀

So today I share with you 7 beauty uses of Arimis!

over-sized coats.

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Sitting frosty cold but dry on mama’s sofa sipping on some hot chocolate trying desperately to fight this cold June morning in Nairobi was definitely not in my to do list when I woke up today…but here’s the thing about fancy quotes you don’t get to use everyday, ‘When life gives you lemons, honey make some lemonade!’ 

A lot like winter.

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If I had it my way I wouldn’t leave my bed. I mean this weather demands tonnes of tea and hot cocoa and tea and fuzzy blankies and socks!!! But reality is a hard monster to face; so if we are gonna do it -then we might as well do it looking super star chic!

Whenever it rains I love playing around with bold bright colours. It’s the way they contrast against the immediate environment and somehow manage to betray the gray cascading clouds and personally my emotional state is something sort from a movie. Bright colours always have a way of making you feel better, like you can at any time hit a button and transform into a different creature that glows in the rain and conquer the world…kinda like Ben 10 just in the fashion world!