And after taking a break from any form of interaction on here, I can with much conviction say that I’m in a much better head space than I was a month ago, a couple of pounds heavier than I’d like to be and officially a degree holder – I’d say we need to celebrate but I’m afraid I’m back on the battlefield with these evil creatures called calories…can someone point me to where I can download a flat stomach? *YIKES*

Research dictates that diet contributes almost 80% of any successful weight loss program so who am I if not a staunch merchant? The need to get back in shape and back to my routine is highlighted by extreme breathless episodes when I think of having to face my gym trainer who if I’m being completely honest frightens every nerve on my body and countless hours fighting the desperate urge to indulge in yummy carbs and the rest of the time in front of a mirror picking out leafy greens from my braces 🙁 You guys life for this girl is not easy I tell you!

When I started my fitness journey, everyone was quick to let me in on the benefits of water in any routine worth the fuss but I hated the idea of water. In fact it gave me a sore throat but hello infused water 😀 I simply can’t quantify the immense benefits they have and how my next one week of detox is gonna play out. Here are some easy recipes you can try out at home;

1. Orange, Ginger and Mint


2. Strawberry, Orange and Mint



3. Lemon, Cucumber and Mint


4. Mango, Rosemary and Mint

D8And not only are they beneficial for your physical health but have numerous skin and antioxidant benefits. Let me know what your favorite is…

Happy healthy Tuesday!


D9Photos by Josie Wambui.