And like every other stereotypical new year new me chant, I happen to have fallen victim to what’s considered the most distasteful slogan of our time. Perhaps on the basis of a much unrelated context but then again I’m pretty certain the majority would argue that the odds are quite similar.

Well I guess if you take into account the fact that I actually sat on my heels for hours on end burning the mid night oil – not literally although I did have my vanilla scented candle keeping me company; jolting down scanty notes from all my research on how to get the perfect glow and clear skin using over the counter products then I plead guilty to all charges!

For most girls growing up, puberty was highlighted by scaly, pimply, oily skin and countless of shillings spent buying Clean and Clear products and mid-semester trips to the dermatologist in a bid to reduce the potential of being mistaken by pubby high school boys for a toad descendant. Like being a girl in boarding school wasn’t hard enough, imagine the pressure that came with the desperate need to conform to the harsh standards of ‘pretty’. I for one was lucky to suffer the occasional breakouts and the painful reality of forgetting to spread the mosquito net but never acne. Call it karma or whatever you’d like but the day I walked out of high school (the happiest I’ve ever been) was the beginning of the rest of my struggle. 5 years later and here I am are with an acute knowledge on products, facials and worse, what in the world my face wants!

And after trying about all DIY home recipes and strongly recommended products paraded on the Internet for us confused folk, here’s what my 2016 beauty palette contains:

Phase 1.

1. Cleanse

Face time 1

Probably the most essential part of any skin care routine before and after taking on the hustles of the day. I started using the visibly even Neutrogena foaming cleanser at the beginning of the year because of the hyper-pigmentation on my face and I can honestly say the improvement is notable. It’s a great product for sensitive skin and doesn’t dry me out.

In case you had your make-up on, I recommend the  Neutrogena make-up remover cleansing towelettes which I recently purchased and do a great job getting rid of any build up.

2. Exfoliate

Face time 2

I tend to make it my mission to exfoliate at least twice a week to get rid of any dry skin and dead cells. It also helps with reducing any significant pores and making the texture of my skin better. St.Ives has been really good to me so far. When choosing an exfoliate make sure you consider how sensitive your skin is and the PH of the product – anything at 4.5 is recommended.

3. Mask

Face time 3

Clay masks are the best skin care treatment since they help hydrate skin, remove excess oils and help improve the appearance of your pores due to their deep cleansing ability as they draw out impurities that hide beneath the top layers of the epidermis. It’s important to have a consistent regimen that includes masking as it helps with the overall performance of the other products thus guaranteeing better results.

Face time 4After about 7 minutes with my clay mask on, I rinse with warm water and quickly follow up phase one with a 15 minute steam session to completely open up my pores and make sure any persistent build up is done away with.

Phase 2.

5. Eye Cream & Acne Treatment 

Face time 5

Before applying my face moisturizer, I dab eye cream gently around my eyes. Ever since I can remember, I’ve struggled with dark circles and eye bags which I have to admit I hate terribly and I’m desperately trying to get rid of or at least reduce them to basic human standards. Let’s take a moment to celebrate Nivea for their affordable eye cream which actually seems to be working just fine for now.

I’ve been using Oriflame for almost 5 years now and I can honestly say their tea tree acne treatment is out saving lives! I only use it on problem areas when I have break outs which I occasionally interchange with Aveeno Eczema therapy.

6. Moisturizer x Sunscreen

Face time 6

And I can’t emphasis this enough, you must wear sunscreen come rain, come shine – Thank me later!

I mix my moisturizer with sunscreen (in the morning) and apply gently using circular motions for maximum coverage. However since I work on my regimen at night, I usually sip on some green tea or a cucumber smoothie while catching up on any of my favorite series.

Face time 8

And so like everything else in life with some sort of ‘life dependency’ level of importance attached to it, face regimens require dedication, consistency and overall improvement overtime in order to enjoy pocket worthy results 😀

Pics by Josie Wambui.

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Wishing you happiness, that text back and clear skin,