If I’d have to count my blessings, my friends would be at the top of the list. I’m not sure when I got so lucky to have such remarkable humans surround me not only at parties and fancy dinners but during this time in our youth when everyone is trying to find their bearing on who they are and their purpose. When you find people who even remotely support you in your dreams no matter how ludicrous they seem; hunie you better hold on to them…well maybe not as tightly as Drake but you get what I mean 😀

I’m not sure whether you can tell but there’s so much love, life and laughter oozing out of these pictures I’m almost startled by how bland my profile looks. I’m gonna take a minute and share a little secret with you guys…every single time I see a camera my brain seems to fog up faster than a chilly morning in Elko, Nevada. Ironic right? I’ve honestly never felt so compelled to act like a super model scouted from the countryside whose grace in front of a camera is nothing but a blanket word from a grizzled romantic novel from 1920, but perhaps the fact that I was standing next to this bi-gorgeous human (who I still don’t understand why modelling agencies in France haven’t signed her yet) was somewhat threatening.

Our attempt to recreate glam rock was by far a much more tasking experience than we initially bargained for making it clear that throwing on a leather jacket and biker boots just wasn’t enough to slay this look cold but you’ll have to bear with us. Shooting anywhere in Nairobi isn’t easy these days and all these Johnny Depp movies are yet to teach us how to get into character. But we did have tonnes of fun!

Happy new month loves,

It’s September so a little sneak peek into this year’s spring/summer collection from my favorite designers will be in order.

Love and Love.

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcamBribri’s outfit

Skater dress – Thrifted

Leather jacket – Gift

Pumps – Backyard Shoes

Marlene’s outfit 

Crop top – Top Shop

Stripped skinny jeans – Thrifted

Head Scarf – Kenyan Kanga

Chunky biker boots – Thrifted
Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam


Processed with VSCOcam

Processed with VSCOcam with g3 preset

Pictures by The lovely Wambui Wagema.

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  • Martha

    Pierre 2.0..:D
    Lovely post

    • Perhaps your destiny awaits 😀
      Thanks hunie, Xx.

  • Nerimah Kong’ani

    Always a pleasure working with you dear honey 🙂 the post is beautiful.

  • Wendy

    Hey!! I came across your blog through stalking on IG and I’ve been a fan since way back. I think it’s time for me to appreciate you more and tell you that you are amazing!! One of the few, very few, actually it’s the only blog I really love in terms of relating to it and fashion wise, I love your style! I really love that it’s more of a lifestyle blog, lifestyle as in you talk about what you go through and relate it to fashion. Love it!
    One request, please be more frequent in your posts! I know you have school but yah. Haha. Sincerely yours, a groupie ! Hahahaha! ❤️

    • First of all you’ve got me tearing hunie.
      Words can’t describe how thankful I am for your sweet comment. Sometimes these little gestures remind me why I can’t give up.
      I’m glad you love the blog, it”s my pleasure (:

      Yeah school can be a hurdle but I’m really working on my consistency and some great new project so keep an eye out.
      Love and love,

  • steph

    I love this post and the background. #sigh! where is it? (Excuse my ushamba. (: I don’t go places anymore. . . :’D )

    • Thanks hunie (:
      A little secret space 😛