After staring at my poorly lit screen for almost an hour, it’s finally dawned on me that I’m possibly unqualified to compound a bunch of pitted adjectives to epitomize the brilliance that is Georges Hobeika.

It’s in the delicate details; the timeless craftsmanship of classic couture pieces that romanticize the female silhouette without any effort, the sexy feminine cuts topped with electric textures and yummy colours that have you saddling your way to the bank! Or in my case, taking a photoshop masterclass might be closer to my budget 😀

I fell in love with him the way I fall asleep, slowly then at once. Like Hazel Grace falling for Augustus Waters. The type of love words simply can’t quite possibly sum up. The combination of girly and classic excites me. Like I could transform myself from a caterpillar into a butterfly in a matter of minutes and have the world at my feet and I’d be Georges’ girl!

Flawless construction and mastered juxtaposition of dreamy embellishments that seem to temporarily rob me of my ability to surmise are honestly a few of the reasons I’m horribly biased. Designed to heighten a woman’s confidence, Georges leaves no stitch undone, with every detail a sight to marvel at, it goes without saying that he’ll be here for a while and maybe even a CFDA favorite 🙂

Stay warm loves,






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