Ushering in the new year meant fancy parties, overpriced sparkly dresses, overindulgence and numerous DUIs seeing as no one wanted to feel left out of the ‘fun’. That was far from my reality or at least I thought; A nice dinner with my girls, a couple more glasses of wine and off to bed I was…3 days later and here we are. Unlike most functional bloggers who had their new year posts ready and up come dawn of 1st, I was somewhere exhausted, sweaty but mostly sleepy and any effort to sleep while on the road only made me more tired than rested.

It’s Sunday. 9 billion people are somewhere rushing to catch up with reality because let’s face it, in a few hours the humdrum school and work routines will be back. Fast forward…5, 10 minute alarms going off alternately characterized by nerve-jabbing tunes from top chatting metal rock manbands followed by gridlock traffic jams that God forbid you fall asleep and have ‘matatu’ drivers honking ferociously at you only to move a centimeter or less and because you snoozed twice more than we agreed on you are an hour late for that meeting the boss called for 2 weeks ago and there you are creeping into the conference room praying he doesn’t catch a glimpse of you but looks like the angels got late too. But does it get any worse? Only if he calls you out in front of the gray board members which he does!

Worst case scenario.

It’s Sunday. 9 billion people are somewhere rushing to catch up with reality. Book stores flocked with 8 year old girls in search of fancy pencil cases and the cutest bag pack to match their overzealous personas and teenagers who could care less what books they are meant to replace as they are distracted by the continuous buzz in their pockets. Salons bursting with middle aged women catching up on the latest gossip from the holidays as they yank their ritzy  iPads with hair designs to young for them to wear but just enough to hide their light wrinkles and over ambitious gym routines which if we are being honest run through to March before the 100% check in count dwindles to about 23% while the remainder of us in our 20s are locked up in our rooms clouded by New Year – New Me chants coming up with meticulous paragraphs of  resolutions because the pressure that comes with wanting to have yourself together is more from your peers ‘making it’.

It’s Sunday. I’m in my 20s and fresh out of uni. Torn between writing my CV, creating my skincare routine and not actively destroying these apple wedges with whipped cream(because we made body resolutions) I’m certain about a couple of things –  drinking lots of water, a clean, healthy diet and consistent trips to the gym make for a healthy mind. Bucketloads of good reads and Sunday brunch with my favorites. Sunblock and a sexy fragrance. Hard work, passion and diligence. Meaningful friendships, positive vibes, happiness and that banana smile. Kindness, consistency, that go-getter attitude. Let’s not forget a good pair of heels for networking and more posts for you guys because school is out and that means you can have my full attention.

Happy new year loves.

Thank you for all the support this far especially all my silent readers who think I don’t notice you but I do and I appreciate every click, like and share. You mean the world.

Here’s to dreaming, believing and making it happen!

Love and love,


Sunday Routine:

Sunday Standard//Miss Universe Flats//Simpkins candy//Teen Vogue//Notebook//Sunglasses//Cadbury Dairy milk  Chocolate//Body Shop moisturizers//Calculator//2016 Planner//Dalai Lama Autobiography//Coconut oil//Neutrogena Foaming Cleanser//Oriflame Sunblock//Aveeno Eczema Treatment//Apple wedges with whipped cream//Flormar Nail polish//Elizabeth Arden Red Door.