Unlike most girls around the world looking for some sort of sanity and validation from sparkles, glitter and white aesthetics – obsessing, tirelessly pinning and completely swoon over back to back dreamy scenes from The Twilight Series, I seem to have lost a part of my girly, superficial side swinging across monkey bars and chanting rebellious mouthfuls around.

Between growing up with brothers and being the only girl in the acclaimed hood squad, it’s no secret that I grew up a complete tomboy rocking nothing but dungarees and shorts; a fact that anyone who met me after 2009 would rather choke on than believe. Phased out and utterly hooked on dresses and structured silhouettes, It’s safe to say that I’ve undergone some sort of metamorphosis and my ideology on weddings though non-conventional seem to be closer to reality than theories on aliens and UFOs.

Conscious of the fact that Valentine’s is just around the corner why not leave this Ralph and Russo masterpiece for your pleasure. The embodiment of delicate, feminine and classic elegance.

Dear future husband…