Two is invariably my number of preference. Two puppies to chase after at two P.M on a cloudless Sunday afternoon, coffee and cream, pen and paper, the perfect pair of fitted jeans and 2 more papers to go until I bid university goodbye…Whoop 😀 Regrettably, yesterday took a melodramatic turn of events when Wambui and I spent 2 hours trying to comb out my hair. Yes! 2 hours highlighted by whimpers, kite tresses (I must have lost about a pound of hair) and that legendary concert we kinda threw down of our brilliant remake of Justin Bieber’s purpose all in a bid to capture the miscalculated procedure behind hair care!

2015 seems to have started on a rather gutsy mood; Let’s take a minute to reminisce on my brief thesis on how a girl out to change her hair is about to change her life…well I definitely set myself up for that one. And by that one I mean the 6 inches of hair I lost when I decided to colour my hair not to mention how brittle and frail it became. And finally after a couple of thousands blown on salon bills and beating myself up for my poor decisions, I finally decided to grow it out. Its been 7 months since I started transitioning, 7 months of happy healthy tresses; well til yesterday!

For coon’s age, you guys have asked me to share my hair secrets, not that I believe I have any stupendous tips that will blow your mind or anything but here goes…


1. Pre – poo.

Obviously I had no idea what this even meant before I devoted all my insomnatic episodes to extensive research on natural hair care routines. Basically I apply a generous amount of hot oil on my tresses a night before washing my hair to protect it from hydro-fusion. Coconut oil continues to serve my obsession.


2. Shampoo and washing.

There are numerous shampoos out in the market so to choose a perfect shampoo you need to fully understand your hair, is it soft or course? Is it curly or straight? Why do I want to wash my hair today?

Currently I’m using tresemme shampoo to remove build up and cleanse my scalp. After which I rinse with cold water and use a leave in apple cider and water treatment for about 7 minutes. Why? To balance my hair ph and importantly encourage hair growth (I’m not 100% sure about this but if it’s on google bet you a hippo I’m gonna try it) Allow me to emphasis shrinkage at this stage! It’s a real thing you guys.

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 3. Deep conditioning.

For all the less fancies rather unimpressed by thesaurus and word play this simply means treating your hair. A rather imperative part of the process that demands about 30 solid minutes away from any human interaction. Possibly enough time to choreograph an entire dance routine and by dance I mean poor hand and leg movements meant to impress the masses.

Use a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment. Personally I use coconut oil and castor oil together with my treatment of choice (which I change on a weekly basis for effective coverage) after which I retreat to the backyard watching Gotham as I marinate…literally! After 30 minutes, rinse with cold water to retain moisture.

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4. Dry and style.

Using a leso/kikoy, I dab lightly to dry my hair to about 70% before oiling it focusing especially on the tips to ensure they are protected. For about 5 months, I always blow dried my hair to make it easier to manage but I figured I was doing more harm than good to my tresses. With the occasional use of a curly steam iron to style my hair, I resolved to letting it dry naturally and two strand twists to style. A decision I was proud of up until yesterday when I almost lost my cool after realizing that asking my brother to undo my twists was far much ludicrous than the time I had him remove my weave and I almost became a specimen for his medical experiments (he’s been secretly pursuing a medical degree since he discovered rats). Everything seems to not have gone as planned with this shoot yesterday, I might be used to the unexpected surprises that come with each shoot but yesterday was one to blow out 😀

I apply shea butter moisturizing cream and allow to sip into my tresses while lightly blow drying them locs or just natural drying.



5. Supporting steps.

  • Note the scissors is your friend. A year ago I suffered from major hoarding issues when it came to letting Wanjiru (my hair stylist for almost 12 years now…I’m hoarding her too 😀 ) chop off a couple of inches of my hair but now we fight when she refuses to chop it weekly. Believe me when I say this is the most rewarding commitment you’ll ever make.
  • Combing out your hair isn’t quite advised but when push comes to shove, a wide tooth comb will do. Last month my mum got me this magic brush from Golden curl that is in fact a miracle brush, perfect for brushing without cutting.
  • The bun has become some sort of hyperbole that my friends capitalize on to pick me out from the crowd; constantly making fun of my cliche look but ultimately ‘THE’ protective style.
  • I like to spray olive oil after I’m done just to add moisture to my tresses.

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The dreaded question, to continue transitioning or the big chop? Or maybe just relax it!

As I obsessively stalk relaxed and natural on Instagram I’m kinda stoked and flustered at the same damn time! Maybe 2016 will bring about new adventures!

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Photos by Wambui Wagema and Kihumba Mumbi.