Luxury brand designers have over the years brought their savvy mastery of pattern drafting, dexterous hue combinations and impeccable taste in fabric samples next door through acclaimed retail stores to bring to the hoi polloi “affordable” makeshift pieces that drive people to almost delirium on open days all in a desperate effort to snug a sketchy stamp of hotshot personas just to brag and stroke your fashion ego that you’ve officially been branded.

Well almost!

If I wasn’t completely and utterly jealous when Balmain dropped their collaboration with H&M, John Paul’s collaboration with Target Australia dealt me an even tougher blow because of  two reasons – one; his theatrical flare during runways that God forbid I fall well over my head again trying to make sense of its appeal and the second…well we all know I love the French 🙂 *insert subtle blushes*

Amongst the coveted collection included leather and denim, nautical sightings, patterned leggings and that conical bra Madonna made famous a couple of decades ago – It’s back people and I kinda dig it. Like really 😀 Classic recipe for a glam rock look (tongue twister). However being from a developing country as politely put by western colonialists who seem to get away with this ludicrous phrase as an excuse to pull out fashion milestones and opportune moments from our markets makes me a little nauseated and quite frankly light headed because no one does luxury like Kenyans. Am I the only one who would like to see a H&M store pop up or better yet Zara and Topshop?

Trying to chase global trends through online platforms means ill-fitting purchases matched with over-priced shipping charges and one very disgruntled expression that can’t be summed up using the vast emo-ctionary – if that isn’t cause for alarm already then pinch me I must be dreaming but if so perhaps we should all gang up and sign some sort of petition and take it to the streets chanting “haki yetu” and  hope that during their downplayed airlifts into the country; they picked up some Swahili and comprehend the level of seriousness to which we take our rights!

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