A couple candid snaps of Kate.

IMG_3452 beachIMG_3476kateIMG_3470kateIMG_4158kateIMG_3596kate-2At the risk of having this mistaken for an engagement announcement or something along those lines (which wouldn’t be the worst thing), I intentionally decided to leave out most frames containing flowers. Partly because I needed to avoid follow up questions. Most shockingly because it’s June. Can someone explain just where the time went or am I the only one having a mid year crisis?

I need a time out! Or not…

Kate and I met on a grillingly hot afternoon shukain’ the jav after the most drag jurisprudence class and we’ve been friends ever since. The summation of our friendship is entirely abstract. On one hand we spend hours exchanging spinach and soup recipes. The apotheosis of every millennial friendship – obviously; debating whether avocado goes with everything which if you must know, it does. Except smoothies. I think that’s a crime punishable by dismemberment. Obviously!

On the other hand, a mutual crush on Zac Efron dictates countless hours reminiscing on the good ol’ days. Go wildcats! In between an unhealthy amount of wine and deep conversations racing between complex subject matters, our interaction has been on a continuous high. Characterized by growth, honesty, lots of laughter and not without its fair share of ayes to get you through life.

I like to remind her often of her beauty. A perfectly imperfect blend of classy, ethereal babe, always dependable, starry eyed, quiet ambition, Afro Cuban vibes and that killer smile. Not that it matters – seeing as her kind of self confidence speaks for itself. But because every girl needs to hear it at least once every 24 hours. I’ll leave you to it.

Shot by yours truly,