Greetings little bird (:

It’s Friday night and the only thing I can think of is just how much I’m about to munch down this sapid 2 course meal I just prepared for the fam. Lord knows the only thing I’m more passionate about other than fashion is good food and maybe a classic bowl of gelato and froyo and the occasional world tours offered freely to me by my travel app but if we are counting calories and scanty pennies I’d much rather stick to the subject at hand.

My current obsession – Tumblr and booooy am I addicted! The intensity of authenticity just sitting there is abbreviating perhaps more life engraving than anything I’ve been interested in recently; so pardon me if my trial and error phase of pure cool kid related snaps bombards your feed. But that’s not the only thing currently cooking up; 1 week to go before my team and I officially launch the BYOB Project. If you happen to follow me on Instagram and Snapchat, you probably already have an idea of what we’ve been raving about and I can’t wait to get you guys involved.


. Kihuruta Giveaway .

1. Follow me on Instagram @call_me_bribri and @kihuruta

2. Repost this picture on your profile and tag 2 friends

3. Tell me what your favorite fashion accessory is and why

4. Tag us with the hashtag #kihurutax18degrees

5. Two winners will be randomly selected on 26th Aug

Giveaway starts 22nd Aug and closes 26th Aug

All the best!!!

Oh for those curious on what’s currently travelling through my digestive tract; I made baked potatoes smoked with butter and bay leaf sauce, pan fried fish and balsamic stir fry veggies with tzatziki sauce #nom

Catch you soon loves,


 IMG_2735Pictures by Classic Media.

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  • steph

    so excited! ! ! Yeah, definitely drooling over the terms that you used to describe the 2 course meal :O ★★★★★ 😉

    • There’s just something about it when you say it out loud that makes you a lot hungry than you anticipated to be no?