It’s fashion week so unquestionably you can bet that I’m spending every waking minute between school, projects and chores catching up on all the glitz happening in New York.

My incriminating delusion with feminine silhouettes started when I was about 4. Perhaps not old enough to distinguish between shades and tones but incredibly acute when it came to selecting fabrics; a little tale I’ll refine myself from publishing seeing as my brother’s credibility around these streets might dwindle. A risk I’m not willing to take…well at least not today.

Monique Lhuillier’s neoteric approach to fashion has been a lustful experience for me over past 3 years or so since I got acquainted to this talent minefield, a woman whose skills I greatly admire. 18 years ago if you asked me whether floral prints, structured dresses and thigh-high symmetrical skirts would ever feature in my closet or list of covets I’d have probably laughed out so loud, GAG would need to invent a new emoji to express the 9 billion emotions that would be going through my head. Fast forward and the only thing stopping me from getting my dream closet is my bank account – I knew laughing at Kevin Hart’s ‘set up’ was bad idea!

This year’s Spring ready-to-wear collection was a polycolour party. A dainty affair set to express soft sexy silhouettes that are playful but classy. From the delicate laces and hand by hand embroidery to the pastry colours and youthful cuts enough to show you’re a lady but just about right to have you coveting. Had me thinking about just how many times my girlfriends and I go shopping looking for classy pieces for a polite birthday dinner but end up with abbreviated lengths we didn’t quite bargain for thus ending up channeling our inner ratchet…if you know what I mean šŸ˜€

P.S the #byobproject is still ongoing. I would really appreciate it if you took some time to participateĀ 

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