Valentine’s Day is a loony ideology curated by Western economies to boost their total GDP with sky rocket sales from cute fluffy teddies, overpriced dresses, streets flocked with bodabodas criss-crossing the city rushing to get the next order of basic bouquets, aged wine and chocolate gift bags delivered with the risk of being considered the biggest ‘L’ for bae of the year depending on how grande a gesture you make.

Growing up, my fondest memory of Valentine’s was having my best friend Natalie sleepover because that meant tonnes of junk food and late nights waiting for the couple of the year (my parents) to arrive with a ridiculous assortment of prezzies that ranged from fancy outfits to plastic flower jars that to me were the greatest symbol of love as they saved me trips to the ER from pollen attacks. Spending such significant days with family taught me more about life and love than anything I’m yet to experience. Explains my overzealous need to constantly be around everyone I consider family to some level or maybe just a desperate attempt to get away from all the PDA sessions displayed across board like episodes from The Bachelor.

This year I’d like to share my love with you guys by collaborating with Rent-a-Dress to give one lucky reader a chance to win a gorgeous embellished gown.

To participate:

1. Follow @rentadress_kenya and @call_me_bribri on Instagram.

2. Leave a comment below telling us what you love the most about Valentine’s day and the funniest memory you have from past years.

3.A winner will be chosen at random on 13th Feb at 7.00P.M

All the best!!!


Pics by Trish Kanana.

  1. 18DegreesKE
    Feb 10, 2016

    This literally had me in tears. I admire your strength and positivity but mostly your ability to make it about someone who is more than deserving. Xx

  2. Trish Kanana
    Feb 11, 2016

    I can’t really say Valentines is one of those holidays I put everything on stand still mainly because that single life chose me lol but I always make a point to keep my parents happy by sharing the love… We’ll go out for either lunch or dinner and just enjoy each others company because happiness is our bliss I make it a point to keep other people happy. 🙂 This poem I wrote should elaborate more on my love views (: happy reading

  3. Jean
    Mar 23, 2016

    Those purple pumps are gorg!