Literally 😀

On some level of oomph and zest, there seems to be a crinkly jiggle to the bounce on my step that only some pre-historic myth could quite possibly some up. Pinch me if you want but let’s be honest, there’s a twinkle of magic that happens when you are completely immersed in positive energy!

Walking into the unknown comes with truckloads of preset emojis lying closely on my screenshot window just preying on an opportunity to slide into my feed and raise a couple of shabbily sketched eyebrows – if mine are anything to go by but on some remotely decent level life seems to have dealt me less blows than I anticipated and that in itself has me a little excited about the future!

I haven’t been reading much except for my occasional runnings on Instagram of deep quotes and poorly captioned pictures but recently I came across an article that reminded me why taking a step back to audit your footprint is necessary so I felt compelled to jot down a few of my thoughts; Pardon me if I’m about to dive into a little of an emotional treadmill.

Thinking about where I was an year ago when I started this blog and how much I’ve grown is almost startling. I guess what’s even more amazing is the remarkable people I’ve had the solid pleasure of meeting and the ones I have the pleasure of calling my friends and readers, that have been the backbone of my growth to this day. I may want an unlimited credit card and fully sponsored getaways to exotic destinations, but nothing beats a loyal soul <3.

Perhaps the fact that I love surprises explains how much of an epiphany I seem to be stirring up. In the last year I’ve taken more photos than I ever imagined possible (as I wait for Marvel to sign my 6 year contract – I’m playing Pose in the next X-Men series) I guess it’s not that bad after all. I might still need a couple of tutorials to get me going but I think I’m doing alright and even though my hands are flabby and my cheekbones aren’t as defined as Ciara’s and my tummy isn’t toned despite my daily participation at the gym, I’ve lost almost 15kgs and I’m drinking a lot more water and fresh smoothies to keep that heart pumping and I’ve never been happier…I mean have you seen me rock sleeveless shirts? 😀

Waking up every morning to a new opportunity is almost as certain as the premier of Batman v Superman and just because I get a couple of road blocks along the way doesn’t mean I’m not proud of the little accomplishments I’ve had this past year. Wishing that I get to explore more projects as often and as consistently as my desperate YouTube sessions…currently listening to this boo because with the sun scotching my poorly hydrated face, my ability to channel my inner Drake seems to be heightened.

Sending warm hugs to my family, spending the last couple of weeks with them travelling and sharing made me realize there is a certain level of emotion that just can’t be described by mere words! The fact that they share a little of my dreams even though I have to be honest and explain almost a thousand times over what I want to accomplish, they never seem short of painted smiles and sparkly eyes when giving me a go ahead 😀 I can’t wait to flock your feed with what plans I have for the next couple of months 😀

Love and Love.

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Pic by Kihumba Kimani.

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  • Jael

    Nice, i like, plus the determination of losing 15kg, il do it too