A descendant. A daughter. A queen. Titles handed to you and I simply because we hail from the land of milk and honey. Of fufu and chapati. Of countryside winds and city lights. Where our melanin radiates all the light we absorb. Where passion drives ambition and opportunities are self-perpetuating. Where sparkles fly over adroit hearts and stars illuminate from typical eyes. Where craftsmen engrave legendary masterpieces to the continent’s axis and melodic beats have the rest of the world feeling extra groovy.


Vast lands of natural forests, home to the most majestic and beautiful creatures the rest of the world craves to have just strolling through their backyards. Crisp, sandy beaches that meet every tropical dream with sunsets that are the definition of wanderlust. Deserts scanting lightly over borders displaying nude tones so surreal, Kanye West couldn’t help himself. A continent so bloated by culture I’m baffled that we lust after others. Where the unthinkable could make for the world’s best selling novels and Maasai warriors could take over New York Fashion Week.

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Over the last couple of weeks I’ve been up and around the internet discovering secret paragons that lie hidden within the Savannah grasslands and open plateaus with utter disbelief of the minefields that reign within our borders. I managed to catch snippets of the most incredible skylines that quite frankly photos don’t do justice. Shamelessly drooling, I wish there was more to life than just Forex trading and 8 a.m classes and a couple of awards in my name. Like travelling, rocking khaki shorts that match the dry lands of Samburu on a hot cloudless morning and a matching bucket hat desperately trying to tap into my cool kid gene. Less likely meant to avoid the scotching rays but to capture that tumblr inspired look for my Christmas postcards and I’d have to up my negotiating skills because souvenirs are typical tourist behavior.

Or maybe take up a cooking class with Kiran Jethwa and we’d have to take a caravan to Loroghi Plateau to grab ‘kigelia seeds’ to whisk together an award winning dessert. The kind mixed purely by raw laughter and love with a hint of adventure streaming through our veins topped with just the right amount of cinnamon! I guess what I’m struggling to say is that our continent is enthroned with exquisite minefields…(not literally even though rightfully so)…that we are compelled as a generation to moil unremittingly to scale wicked heights!

Because maybe, just maybe if we looked hard enough at the scads of greatness roaming the grizzled streets without doltish wings of judgement and greed, maybe then Africa’s future would be defined.

2015-11-05 07.09.42 1-1[1]

2015-11-05 07.14.44 1-1[1]

Ankara Jumpsuit – Tailor made.

Pumps – Backyard.

Sunnies – Street vendor.


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Are you as excited as I am for the Victoria Secret Angels Show later tonight?

Catch you later,


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  • Kathryn Wanjiru

    Beautiful just beautiful, reading this just made my morning. Your words literally made me feel like i traveled with you.
    Amazing work 🙂