As is custom by now, the profound vacuum in my chest having spent close to a century (or at least it seems so) from your audience makes me wanna broadcast just how much I’ve missed you! No seriously it doesn’t get any more pretentious than this unless of course you follow Dj Khaled on Snapchat then let’s just say my 1% vanity inspired catalogs and humdrum salad selfies are null.

Slight shade? Never!

In fact when it comes down to it Dj Khaled’s bath routine is filled with numerous complexities only few can pretend to comprehend – I mean have you watched him take a clean edit of his body profile covered in foam before running down an array of products? All sorts of genius! So much so that it inspired my current post. Ever since I can remember I’ve been utterly obsessed with any single mass of water to a point where my fingers would wrinkle up as if to form their own waves so when I couldn’t access a swimming pool or better yet a beach, I brought them to me!

All hail the cliche queen – I know, I know… You’re are probably wondering where I’m going with this crazy talk. I promise there’s a basis. Bath time to me has always been sacred; the water temperature has to be just right (18° to be exact), depending on my mood the choice of music runs somewhere between “street Chris Brown”, “sultry Gwen Stefani” and “electric Lauv” and the cherry on the cake – a fruitty essence of life floating through the steam set to capture the tropical paradise that I dream of every so often. For someone with a slight OCD ability (I’d like to think of it as so) everything really ties together while in the shower channeling Grammy Award winning melodies as I make weighty life decisions and that’s why I trust Nivea to keep me zen and silky soft.

When it comes to grooming, the right products do go a long way to ensuring that you have beautiful, healthy glowing skin. Being 20 something means spending a little more time taking care of myself because it essentially contributes to the future and trust me if you can halt the aging process by just a tad…sign me up! Currently my bath routine though simple works for me and has been since way back and that’s why its important to remain consistent and true to your routine. And if it hasn’t been made obvious by now from the slapdash pop up images on your explore page via Instagram, allow me to emphasis the need to maintain a clean, healthy diet and regular exercise. Take your fruits and vegetables diligently and splurge on water but if you must a slice of pizza to stay sane is OK.

You there…yes you reading this…with your gorgeous chocolate/honey/caramel skin with a sprinkle of gold dust. Do not be fooled! You run and get yourself that bottle of sunscreen and slay your melanin!!!

If only we took mornings as seriously as Dj Khaled does then perhaps we’d have one of his keys to success no?

K, Bye!

Photos by Josie Wambui.

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