Arctic, clammed up, ivory, uninspired spaces have consequently become the highlight of my every waking moment. As if the occasional drenched bucket of icy water to give my feet a pulse of their own is not enough, I seem to be getting quickly acquitted to yucky flus and that classic Harry Styles hair do. Nothing as cute as you’d want to imagine seeing as mine makes me look like a hot mess with no common understanding of simple grooming basics. A sight I dread but one that I am keen to embrace!

It’s exam season and the only thing more exciting than my hourly morning breaks to make a killer cereal combination is my corner space that is slowly becoming a tourist attraction if scattered notes, tucked text book pages and a collage of highlighters is anything to rave about. Everyone can relate with my struggle especially the constant battle with the Law library set below freezing point that has me clinging to thermal sweaters and fuzzy socks and the “20 minute” system reboot power nap that turns into a full on nap complete with a shallow dream and light drools. Like how are you expected to function under such extreme conditions?

Fortunately or unfortunately that doesn’t seem to stop my email inbox or my diary from filling up with pending projects and major write ups that need my diligence but after waking up at devilish hours to cram Criminal Law cases that have no reference to scenes from Scandal or How to get away with murder, I can honestly say without a shadow of doubt I’m uninspired and possibly drowning in my penurious life choices. Not to mention my bizarre insomnatic tendencies that work against me as my brain goes on complete zombie mood at 0000hrs and a cup of coffee only seems to accelerate my steps to bed.

I’m not saying that my blog will remain dormant for the next three weeks, neither am I saying that it won’t but seeing as I only have 3 weeks to finally bid Uni life goodbye I must be quick to admit that I’m more focused on getting good grades and securing a solid degree. All the same I do promise to sneak in a couple of posts to end the year with a bang or like my dad likes to emphasis…’Branstrong’ (pun intended) 😀

If that’s not a silver lining, then I must have missed a class or two on English proverbs!

Geek-ing out *insert signature Bribri peace sign*

Sweater top: Topshop//Skirt: Rentadress Kenya//Watch: Gift//Rings: Dubois Road

Location: Leleshwa Getaway

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2015-11-30_10.39.50_1-1[1]Photos by Tintseh – Edited by Kihumba Mumbi.