The week is nigh!

If I’m being honest with myself, the only reason I look forward to the weekend is Sundays. Perhaps the misguided notion that I get to sleep in, no deafening alarms going off, no chores, no deep hauling from the back of my head by the gym instructor and better yet no pressure to conform to the blogger mascot outfit that for some reason dictates constant perfection (which is kinda hard to comply to with the weather being 33° and my sweat patterns resembling seasonal rivers in Namibia) and monotone colour ability that my closet simply mocks has something to do with it.

There’s nothing quite as soul-pampering as the sound of your breath bouncing between walls reminding you of the tranquil nature that comes along with Sundays, conditioning my emotions and appetite to appreciate the simple, priceless moments in pajamas, wrapped up between fluffy blankets and an expensive calorie count that accompanies the full board booking at the Sunday Inn. To say that I channel every girly atom in my body would be a complete understatement. The classic combination of Shonda RhimesScandal and How to get away with murder coupled with enigmatic performances by yours truly featuring Beyonce while painting my nails some summery hues are just a few of my guilty pleasures that I can comfortably confess without making a complete mockery of humanity. Not to mention the 3 hour wait for the delivery guy to bring home that greasy beef burger with extra bacon and a tab of vanilla ice cream because what is Sunday without an extra splurge on sweet delights? Maybe just maybe one tasting exotic blends of teas I collected while visiting the Kericho Gold aisle in Nakumatt a couple of yesterdays ago!

But no matter how much time you spend trying to ignore the curse that is weekly 5-8 routines – because Nairobi Traffic; reality finally sets in while dancing to Owl City’s Verge  as I shabbily braid my two strand twists to match the enthusiasm that comes with the excessive sugar rush or perhaps we can blame it on the gallon of coconut oil I just poured onto my scalp. Whichever way it’s Sunday – blink and you miss it!

…on to scheduling my to do list for the week, Sigh!



Photos by Josie Wambui.

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  1. Den
    Mar 21, 2016

    the Kericho Gold exotic teas…..

    • 18DegreesKE
      Mar 22, 2016

      Granted I love tea!!!

  2. Jean
    Mar 23, 2016

    Gosh all that but replace tea with wine & my Sunday is complete!

    • 18DegreesKE
      Mar 23, 2016

      Wine is great too! Everyday (: