Let’s just take a minute to acknowledge that hair is an essential part of our beauty process…

Its been about 6 months since I took a drastic change by dyeing my tresses. I was so excited when doing it but a couple of months into it I literally cried myself to sleep because I just couldn’t deal with the rate at which my hair was breaking. It was weak and completely fragile and India I know you strongly believe I’m not my hair…but girl try losing 5 inches of hair and pretending you are okay with it!  

For nights on end I spent the better part of my insomniatic tendencies researching on how to improve my hair. I actually got to a point where I really contemplated cutting it off and going completely natural but mama could hear none of it. A struggle I know many of you girls can relate to…I swear even though my tresses are perfectly rooted on my head, my mum and aunties and hell even friends have more say on it than I ever will…and that’s when I discovered coconut oil. Forget the smell hunie…you’re gonna want to invest in this! Its only been a month since I started following my natural hair treatment regime and I swear I’ve never been happier. I’m only just getting started but I’ll be sharing all the details with you as I go.

P.S with this weather….make sure your ends are tucked in and protected to prevent freezing and moisture loss.


 2015-06-19 13.43.25


Neck Piece by Kihuruta.


Forgive the foggy picture quality ):



Photos by My little brother.20150620_094104It’s a great day to have a great day!