Three words: Sculpturistic minimal aesthetic.

Perhaps the only modest words I can stamp across this post without fear of dwindling her eponymous Fall/Winter 2015 collection.

By now you probably would have noticed my slight shiver and a light sweat pattern as I try to construct sentences that carry the G-Factor in a bid to portray astute¬†intelligence while describing one of the most influential brands in the fashion industry to date without making a complete buttflop of myself. But I’ll take my chances…

Like every other lady roaming the parchy streets of Nairobi secretly hailing the gods for rain, is a globe of questions galvanizing its way through the overworked minds helplessly wondering how to stay chic during the cold season. Victoria Beckham’s silhouette is definitely something to rave about. Her ability to manipulate the delicate feminine physique and produce lush pieces that compliment women globally is a light breath of fresh air. After all, she is the epitome of style and Marc Jacobs put his stamp of approval so who are we if not to side with Marc?

As I sit static across my fluffy blanky sluggishly trying to sip my tea seemingly because the only thing I’d much rather be doing at this hour is sleep as I rarely have enough of that these days; I’m slightly hoping that somewhere along life’s journey I get to meet this sassy, sophisticated woman.

I have a dream!








Catch the rest of the collection here.

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