Fall 2016 New York Fashion Week saw rise to models of color strut down the runway almost exclusively courtesy of Posen among others. His bold move to incorporate diversity on the show that has over the years received strong criticism and backlash over alleged racism resonated deeply with me and that not only made Zac Posen’s collection one of my favorites but continued to affirm my life long dream.

Endowed with aesthetic appeal and glamorous composition, Posen unveiled romantic structural pieces, bold organic hues and asymmetrical floral patterns that depicted the simplicity of transitioning through seasons. Nothing like a perfectly structured, show stopping cap to snuggle you up through the devilish New York weather if you ask me. His peerless mastery of ultra-feminine silhouettes leaves nothing to question.┬áIt’s this brilliance that has designers flogging his e-mail with numerous requests to collaborate with their labels and help elevate their signature status.
Since diving into the limelight, Zac Posen has bagged a truckload of celebrity clients such as Rihanna, Sarah Hyland and Sophia Vergara who for what it’s worth their stamp of approval means more than any review by snotty critics and over popularized columnists. Without a doubt his quirky sophistication is part of the reason I love him so much. That and the fact that the frenetic pace of this multi-billion dollar industry isn’t about to slow him down!

Love and love,

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For more on this Fall/Winter collection check out the Zac Posen/Fashion Week.

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